To be a leader in advancing worldwide professional graduate education for executive and organizational coaching.


To strengthen the discipline and practice of executive and organizational coaching by:

-Building, sustaining, and supporting a collaborative community of educators, researchers, practitioners, and consumers

-Establishing and fostering academic standards for graduate level courses and programs

-Supporting academic institutions wishing to develop or re-design executive & organizational coaching programs

-Compiling, organizing, sharing and sponsoring research that builds the executive and organizational coaching community and contributes to the body of knowledge.

Core Values

Collaboration, Community,
Intellectual Curiosity, Scholarship, Integrity

Graduate School Alliance for Education in Coaching

President’s Welcome

I am honored to serve as president of GSAEC, and, on behalf of the Board of Directors, welcome you to the Graduate School Alliance for Education in Coaching (GSAEC) website.

Recent surveys by professional groups show global growth in the field and practice of coaching. At the same time, greater numbers of coaches are seeking professional credentials. The Academic Standards for Graduate Coach Education, developed and implemented by GSAEC, offers graduate institutions a framework for ensuring quality, rigor and substance in coach education. As a collaborative community, we are partnering with stakeholder organizations in higher education and the professional coaching community, as well as with individual members, to promote high quality graduate coach education and research.

Please join us as we work to further the professional education of coaches. Becoming a member of GSAEC provides you with access to the Academic Program Standards and a self-study and peer review process, and to a community of professionals who share a commitment to excellence in graduate coach education.

Linda J. Page, Ph.D.